What parents say

“We love love love Music Together and I have noticed a difference even with myself and my musical ability since starting. I am a huge believer and supporter of this program and love you as a teacher. ”

“I am amazed every day as my daughter grows and shows me how she is learning new music. I didn’t think she was retaining the information, but then one day… bang… there she is singing and doing the actions to the music….We love coming to music class!”

“Colette is a fabulous music teacher. It is a joy to be in her class.”

“The music is fantastic and is the only children’s collection that I will play over and over again in my car.  Like magic, all the craziness stops and the singing begins!”

“I know this program works because my 7-year-old still sings the songs and my 4-year-old will tell me, ‘Mommy, I have that song stuck in my head again!’”

“I have attended other music programs like this and Music Together is by far the best!”

About the Babies Class

“We loved it. It was by far our favourite time of the week together and enjoyed it more than any other mom/baby class.”

“We loved our music class! We sing many of the songs daily. Seeing my little guy so mesmerized with Colette and her guitar each week brings me so much joy! Colette is such a wonderful teacher!”

“We look forward to the class every week and it’s so nice to get out and do something that baby enjoys as well!!”

“It was small and personable! Super fun and enjoyable for mom and baby. Also a great learning experience for baby!”

“I loved that it was calm and comforting and a small group.”

“Since it was just babies it gave more time for explanation. It eased the babies into the program. It was a nurturing environment for all the little ones to try and hear new things, even if it was just chewing on a tambourine.”