Fall 2020 registration is now open!

Spring 2020

Last week we wrapped up our first ever semester of Music Together Online! While we all wished we could have been in the classroom together, our online classes allowed us to carry on with the music learning and to be part of a community of families raising little ones in this unprecedented time.

Our prerecorded videos proved to be extremely convenient for families, allowing them to watch when their child was in the mood and to re-watch as often as they wanted. Our interactive Zoom classes let us feel like we were together, getting to see each other’s faces, seeing everyone moving to the beat and making music in their homes, and hearing each other’s voices.

Fall 2020

We don’t know yet if we will be in the classroom or online this fall, but if you would like to be part of our music community and have something to look forward to each week with your little ones, you can register and let me know your intent. You can specify if you are interested in in-person classes only, online classes only, or either option. You can see details about the fall semester HERE.

With either option, your child will be getting the high-quality music program that Music Together has offered for decades. The songs we cover each semester are diverse and appeal to adults as well as children. All of the early childhood research that informs our teaching in class is part of our online teaching as well.

You can register for fall now AND you can let me know if you are interested in a free trial Zoom class this summer. A free trial class will let you see first hand how the online class will work.

A little bit of music brightens all our days and a little brightness is something we all need right now.

If you have any questions about the Music Together program or our fall semester, call me or send me an e-mail ( or 780-485-2332).

p.s. Not all screen time is equal, so if you’re wondering about the benefits of an online class for your little one, rest assured that our online classes are an interactive experience for you and your child, not a passive viewing experience. And what you and your little one take away from our online classes will lead to musical play throughout the week and start them on their lifelong musical journey.